At the General Assembly of our organisation in Paris in 1995 the Executive Board of RIMS proposed to create several problem orientated clinical care committees.

The purpose of these different clinical care committees was:

  • to promote participation of RIMS members around a precise topic
  • to encourage research in these domains of rehabilitation
  • to improve the management of the PwMS.


The main goal of rehabilitation is to enhance and encourage participation of patients with MS. The use of technical appliances for mobility, communication, home adaptation, spincter control, remote control and ADL has a major role to achieve this objective.


As already pointed out finacial support is crucial for the further development. The yearly 2.000 Euro support of the Executive Board will permit at least partial intervention in the flight expenses and encourage one centre each year to invite the participants of the committee.


Up to now the committee is in favor of continuying with the current participants, mainly occupational therapists but also physioterapists, orthopedic technicians and medical doctors are wellcome. To implement te adaptation philosophy it would be useful to have a t least one psychology in the group. Afterwards the group will decide if this committee is going to integrate in the other clinical care committees.