Psychology & Neuropsychology

SIG Psychology & Neuropsychology - Objectives

Background for the establishment of the Committee

A group on 'emotional problems' and M.S'. and a group on 'cognitive problems and M.S.' existed within the M.A.R.C.H. programme ( Multiple Sclerosis and Rehabilitation, Care-and Health Services in Europe). It took some time for these groups to become working groups, but the co-operation was fruitful and rewarding . The result of the work was presented in "Ketelaer, P, M. Prosiegel, M. Battaglia & M.Messmer Ucelli ( Eds.) A Problem-Oriented Approach to Multiple Sclerosis, Acco, Leuven/Amersfoort. 1997".

In May 1995 an international conference was organised by the two groups in Stockhom. The lectures are published in "M.Prosiegel, R. Vermote & P.Ketelaer. Neuropsychology and Psychology. Sorriso Francescano, Genova. 1996".

Out of this multicentre collaboration of psychologists and neuropsychologists a stable core-group of colleagues remained. As a further collaboration seemed important to everyone, the group gratefully accepted the possibility to start as a Clinical Care Committee within RIMS.


  • To gain and share knowledge and experience about the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychological and psychological problems in M.S.
  • To stimulate, support and motivate each other in the difficult and emotionally stressing work ( peer group function).
  • To enhance research in the field of neuropsychological end psychological problems in M.S.
  • To sensitize and inform about the psychological and neuropsychological problems in M.S. towards colleagues in the rehabilitation field and towards people with M.S.

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