Individual members as well as all professionals from a member centre are able to get RIMS Annual Conference registration fee at a special member fee.

A number of Special Interest Groups (SIG) have been established. The groups meet at least once a year during RIMS annual conference. They are also encouraged to hold an annual in-between workshop. Active groups are supported financially by RIMS which means that e.g. the hotel accommodation and meals for in-between meetings are covered at least partly by RIMS SIG funding. The active SIGs at this phase are: Mobility, Psychology and Neuropsychology, Communication and swallowing, Bladder, bowel and sexual, Social integration and participation and Occupation.

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Note that SIGs are all meant to be multiprofessional forums – so you do not need to be e.g. a speech therapist to attend SIG on Communication and swallowing sessions – it is very suitable for nurses and dieticians also.

At RIMS Annual General Assembly all member centres have six votes and individual and society members have one vote.