Founded in 1989, EMSP is a team of experts in MS and advocates in health and social policies who represent 41 national MS patient organisations in 36 countries and over 770,000 people with MS in Europe. Their needs are the main focus of its advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns, to influence European decision-makers and EU policy-makers. We gather and provide knowledge and expertise to relevant stakeholders and encourage high quality research and the dissemination of excellent, evidence-based information on MS. EMSP’s flagship projects aim to improve quality of life of people with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as access to ensure that they receive high quality equitable treatment, care and employment and that they have a real voice in determining their own objectives and priorities.

RIMS collaborated in 2017 with EMSP on the rehabilitation module of the MS Nurse Pro e-learning online training system for MS Nurses and to the Ready for Work Guidelines, another important EMSP project focusing on the communication between healthcare professionals and patients, as well as promoting ‘workability’ (supporting people into employment) as the priority outcome of the clinical care.

For more information, please visit www.emsp.org

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