Procedure to renew or re-activate your existing Membership

  1. Log in on the home page using your registered email address and password
  2. Once you are logged in you will automatically be redirected to your 'My Profile' page. You can also return to this page using the new menu 'my profile' that appears on the right side when logged in.
  3. This page contains your subscription information, the membership plan you currently have and what its status is (active, renewal, re-activate)
  4. Press the renewal or re-activate button and complete the payment. This works in the same way when you registered for the first time.You can pay both online and offline.
    1. If you choose 'online payment', you will receive an automatic email with the request to confirm your registration by clicking a confirmation link.
    2. If you choose 'offline payment', you can pay via wire transfer. The secretariat needs to manually activate your account once payment received. Please inform the secretariat when you have completed the payment. Please, clearly mention your name as a reference when executing the wire transfer. This enables the secretariat to track your payment.


Your membership is valid for 1 year and expires on 31 December.

IMPORTANT: please be informed that the number of the RIMS account has changed. Please do not use the previous account number, but transfer your payment to BE89 6451 2078 9485. The offline payment details can be found on the euRIMS website.