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Rehabilitation, both physical and neuropsychological, is one of the most important aspects of multiple sclerosis (MS) management and a key way to influence outcomes in our patients, beyond pharmacotherapy. Recent advances have allowed us to fine-tune our methods and our assessment tools for rehabilitation in MS. “Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Improving Physical and Mental Function in People With MS” is an educational activity that highlights recent data on this topic presented at the joint 29th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis and 18th Annual Conference of Rehabilitation in MS (ECTRIMS/RIMS 2013).

Keeping abreast of these updates and integrating these new strategies into our practice may allow us to delay physical and neuropsychological dysfunction in this population. Join me and our expert speakers—Jürg Kesselring, MD, Päivi Hämäläinen, PhD, and Ulrik Dalgas, PhD—as we take a closer look at these recent advances and how they may impact our practice.

ECTRIMS offers a multiple sclerosis nurse training fellowship programme for qualified/licensed European nurses to provide the opportunity for them to obtain additional expertise through practical nursing experience and training in a mentored MS environment in Europe. The aim of the programme is to enhance care and support of individuals with MS by fostering improved clinical care and education and by helping to promote best practices in nursing care throughout Europe. The training period must be for a minimum of 6 months or up to one year in duration. Generally, a maximum of three fellowships will be awarded each year.


For more specific programme details and application materials, see www.ectrims.eu/ectrims-multiple-sclerosis-nurse-training-programme.

The SAGAS, an acronym for Short and Graphic Ability Score, was developed by Dr. C. Vaney (Berner Klinik Montana, CH), former president of RIMS and chair of the special interest group on Mobility.
It summarizes and visualizes the scores on the motor components of the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite scores, being the Timed 25 Foot walk and the Nine Hole Peg test. With this application, one can add the scores to a database in a mobile way, and compare with previous performances. See http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sagas-20-10/id520129522?ls=1&mt=8 for more information. 

Screenshots of application [Click to enlarge]

iphone app_1SaGAS I-phone app screenshot 2SaGAS I-phone app screenshot 3

The Multiple Sclerosis Journal has launched an on-line MSJ network that aims to connect researchers and professionals working in the field of MS. Discussions can be initiated based on scientific papers or self-initiated, besides announcement of events or jobs and other reflections. Also RIMS is present as a group in the MSJ network. We invite you to join the network and to become a member of our organization, where rehabilitation topics can be discussed. See http://multiplesclerosisjournal.ning.com/group/rims.