The final programme for the SIG Mobility Virtual meeting 2020 is now available!
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Dear SIG mobility colleagues,

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the uncertainty about the future development of the pandemic has made us change our original plans for the upcoming SIG mobility meeting, which was to take place in Bilbao in Oct 2020. The current plan therefore is to hold completely new format a virtual SIG mobility meeting in 2020 and meet in person for the SIG mobility Bilbao in Oct 2021.

We believe that change brings with it the opportunity to explore new or different ways of functioning. With this vision, but also focusing on maintaining the high-quality standards of our educational and networking yearly event, we would like to invite you to the Virtual SIG Mobility Meeting 2020: "Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunities in MS rehabilitation".


MS rehabilitation on top!

MS rehabilitation on top of… the political agenda

Globally, there is a growing acknowledgement of the role of rehabilitation. At the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 meeting in July 2019, RIMS and other relevant organisations agreed on concrete actions to foster the implementation of rehabilitation in all countries.

Within Europe, RIMS collaborated in the Rethinking MS project and supported the launch in November 2019 to optimize how MS care is organized and provided to ensure timely diagnosis and personalised treatment, interdisciplinary and coordinated care and adaptable support in daily life – all very relevant to Rehabilitation in MS.

MS rehabilitation on top of… the research agenda

After careful consideration, the RIMS Board made a joint decision to postpone the RIMS Annual Meeting, originally scheduled for June 4-6, to the end of the year.

We appreciate the large number of submitted abstracts, which clearly indicates the interest of the rehabilitation community and the importance of the RIMS event. But the outbreak of the corona virus and the current developments made us decide not to organize the face to face meeting in June.

However, rest assured that the Board remains focused on delivering what is an important event for the community! We will keep up the good standards in organizing networking opportunities and educational events, as we do want to stay on top to enhance activity and participation for all people with MS whenever and wherever they need it!

News from our Partners

Multiple Sclerosis Journal - Rehab in MS special issue of Multiple Sclerosis Journal

The Multiple Sclerosis Journal has published a special issue on rehabilitation in MS! Please click on the link to have access to the articles! Once clicked on the link it will be possible to read an article from the issue for free for 1 month (until November 1st).

The following articles can be read on the website:

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