MS rehabilitation on top!

MS rehabilitation on top of… the political agenda

Globally, there is a growing acknowledgement of the role of rehabilitation. At the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 meeting in July 2019, RIMS and other relevant organisations agreed on concrete actions to foster the implementation of rehabilitation in all countries.

Within Europe, RIMS collaborated in the Rethinking MS project and supported the launch in November 2019 to optimize how MS care is organized and provided to ensure timely diagnosis and personalised treatment, interdisciplinary and coordinated care and adaptable support in daily life – all very relevant to Rehabilitation in MS.

MS rehabilitation on top of… the research agenda

 The evidence and acknowledgement of rehabilitation in all stages of MS is growing. A special issue of MS Rehabilitation was published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal with many RIMS members sharing their expertise and highlighting the need for MS rehabilitation.

RIMS held the annual conference in September 2019 in Stockholm (Sweden), in a joint-meeting with ECTRIMS. Several RIMS sessions focussed on the need for and evidence of a multidisciplinary, personalized approach in MS rehabilitation across the MS spectrum.

An additional conference at smaller scale was organized in June 2019 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to share expertise about "Crossing the Interface to Explore New Possibilities", among rehabilitation practitioners and to ensure the continuity of the collaborative network.

MS rehabilitation on top of… network opportunities

RIMS stimulates networking and provided opportunities for rehabilitation practitioners to interact, learn and work with other centres. Special Interest Groups organized meetings, both during and in-between conferences, four members used the fellowship programme to get inspired in other centres and many members applied for the RIMS grant to collaborate in a joint research project.

Besides providing opportunities for its members, RIMS is partnering with relevant stakeholders, creating synergies to promote MS rehabilitation.

MS rehabilitation on top of… education

RIMS organized the second workshop in the go-local tour, in December 2019 in Milan (I), including keynote lectures and practical sessions. The workshop was well-attended by a variety of professionals and highly appreciated.

MS rehabilitation on top of… 2019.

On top of all efforts and events RIMS provided in 2019, we look forward to a challenging 2020. Not only will this be special year as we will warmly welcome you in Belgium for the annual conference, it will also be challenging to keep up the good standards in organizing networking opportunities and educational events. We do want to stay on top to enhance activity and participation for all people with MS whenever and wherever they need it!

I would like to thank all EB members, SIG chairs and co- chairs and the Seauton team for their commitments to create a unique organisation in MS rehabilitation. A special thanks goes to Vincent de Groot, past-president, who has steered the framework RIMS is now working in. And of course, thank you to all members for your loyalty and commitment to RIMS!


Daphne Kos RIMS President