At the 7th of December 2018 the annual in-between meeting of SIG Communication & Swallowing will take place in Haslev, Denmark. The topic of this meeting will be “Moving from evidence to daily practice”. Our meetings are always interactive and informal. The goal of this meeting is to inform each other about current projects and results and exchanging practice routines.

The meeting is now open for registration.


Local Organizers: Louise Hoval Nørgaard at the Sclerosehospitals Denmark
Chair and Co-Chair SIG Swallowing & Communication: Leonie Ruhaak (NL) and Francesca De Biagi (I)
RIMS Chair: Vincent de Groot (NL)

Thursday December 6th - Location: Hotell Comwell Køge, Strandvejen 111, 4600 Køge

  • From 19.00 – Welcome Diner

Friday December 7th - Meeting Venue: Sclerosehospital in Haslev, Ringstedvej106, 4690 Haslev

  • 08u45 - 09u00: Registration
  • 09u00 - 09u10: Welcome (Brita Løvendahl)
  • 09u10 - 10u30: Introduction/exchanging working routines and experiences (Louise Hovald Nørgaard & Leonie Ruhaak)
  • 10u30 - 11u00: Coffee Break
  • 11u00 - 12u00: Guided Tour in MS Hospital Haslev (TBC)
  • 12u00 - 13u00: Lunch
  • 13u00 - 15u00: Presentations of current studies/projects
    • Respiration: diagnostics and therapy (Julie Decondé)
    • What can oral stories tell us about cognitive fatigue and language in MS? (Leena Maria Heikkola)
    • Dysphagia (Leonie Ruhaak)
    • TBC
  • 15u00 - 15u30: Coffee Break
  • 15u30 - 16u30: Session 5: Discussion on ethics of communication and swallowing in MS
  • 16u30 - 17u00: Future plans and goals

SIG Chair - Leonie Ruhaak