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RIMS Annual Conference 2019 - Ljubljana

Join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia from Thursday 20 until Saturday 22 June for the RIMS Annual Conference “Crossing the Interface to Explore New Possibilities” organised in partnership with the MS Centre Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is one of those surprising European cities you might not have heard much about, but upon visiting, you quickly realise it’s a secret little gem. A vibrant city of delights, characterized by its unique historical heritage, cultural creativity, friendliness and relaxed atmosphere.

Check the scientific programme on the website.


Registration should be done online via the registration tool available on the website. RIMS members can register at a reduced rate!


RIMS has the pleasure to offer burses to a selection of nurses to attend the Annual Conference. Thanks to the sponsorship of Biogen, the selected nurses will not only enjoy free registration, but RIMS will also partially intervene in the travel and accommodation costs!

Take your chance and send your motivation to rims@seauton-international.com by Monday, April 22 (11:59 PM CEST).
Please note that applicants should:

  • be an active nurse with an interest in MS Rehabilitation
  • have recognised MS nurse qualification or completed at least 2/5 of the MS Nurse Pro programme from EMSP. For more information on this programme click here
  • write a few lines why they wish to attend the conference and show an interest in disseminating their learnigns within their daily professional environment
  • applicants are accepted from all countries and will be asked to upload as well their passports and bank account details
  • maximum 5 bursaries will be granted per country and a maximum of 3 nurses per institution

News from our SIG's

Upcoming SIG in-between meetings 2019

SIG Mobility

Will arrange a three hour workshop during the RIMS conference in Ljubljana, on Thursday, June 30 (16-19h), entitled "Enhancing social participation through sporting and physical activities". A very special opening lecture, a panel discussion with researchers and clinicians and practical workshop around the topic will surely be of your interest.

The annual SIG Mobility in-between meeting entitled "Brain, cognition and movement in MS: challenges for rehabilitation" will be arranged by Dr Alon Kalron in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 27 & 29. Alon Kalron is preparing an awesome programme at Tel Aviv University and at Sheba Medical Hospital. It will be a unique opportunity to cross the Mediterranean and visit one of the most influential research teams in MS. The registration and the call for abstracts will be opened very soon, so stay tuned for more detailed information on the event!

SIG Occupation

Would like to announce the date and venue of the in-between meeting of 2019 which will be held from 8-9 November at the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society Rehabilitation Center, Genova, Italy. Hosted by Valeria Bergamaschi (MD) and her colleagues.

SIG Communication and Swallowing

Will organise an in-between meeting in Stockholm, hosted by Frederik Sand. The meeting will be in Autumn of 2019. Exact date will be communicated.

You can read more about the SIG's on our website!

Interested in joining a SIG? Send an email to our respective SIG chairs or co-chairs.

News from our Board

The European Brain Council Project

Jenny Freeman is the RIMS representative on the European Brain Council Project whose aim is to develop a policy report for the provision of care for people with MS across Europe.

The European Brain Council and The Health Policy Partnership are undertaking research to better understand gaps in care for people with multiple sclerosis across Europe. The research focuses on diagnosis and personalised treatment, multidisciplinary care and participation in daily life. The findings will be developed into a pan-European policy report, country profiles for Denmark, Italy, Spain and Romania alongside templates for policy development in each of the 4 countries.

EBC and HPP are looking for GPs, nurses and social workers who are willing to participate in a semi-structured telephone interview on their experiences to help inform the policy report. The interview would last for 45-60 minutes and be conducted in English between April-June. The project is funded by Biogen, Celgene, Merck, Novartis and Sanofi and all outputs are non-promotional.

To participate or request more information, please contact Christine Merkel (Christine.Merkel@hpolicy.com).

News from our Partners

The January/February 2019 issue of the International Journal of MS Care is online now. We hope you like our new look! Made possible through a collaboration with the MSAA and their Art Showcase program, each journal cover will now feature artwork by a person with MS. Don't miss the latest CME/CNE article on fatigue management interventions in progressive MS by Rooney et al. Keep current at www.ijmsc.org and by following us on Twitter (@IJMSCtweets).

We hope to see some of you at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) Annual Meeting, May 28-June 1, in Seattle, Washington, USA. Please stop by our booth! For more information, visit: http://www.mscare.org/2019

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