Here you can find an overview of our past meetings. For our upcoming meetings, please consult the 'upcoming events' section on the homepage.


Our 2016 two-day in-between meeting took place at Zandvoort, The Netherlands. The topic was named ‘cognitive communication problems’.


Late November 2015 we organised a two-day meeting about multiple sclerosis for speech therapists from Europe. This meeting was supported by RIMS and took place at Brasschaat, Belgium.
Please find below the report of this meeting!


Joint in-between SIG meeting Melsbroek (November 18-19th 2011)

The meeting focused on the multidisciplinary approach for assessment and management of cognitive disorders in people with MS.


TRIPLE SIG Meeting (November 19-21th 2009)

Please find enclosed the report of the 3-joint SIG meeting in Masku, which took place on November 20-21 2009. The document includes the programme and the list of participants.