SIG Occupation - History of Meetings

List of meetings

2017: Hakadal, Norway

  • Theme: OT Challenges in daily practice in PwMS

2017: SIG Occupation - meeting – Barcelona (attached to RIMS Conference)

2016: SIG Occupation - meeting – London (attached to RIMS Conference)

2016: Overpelt (Belgium)

  • Theme: OT outcomes

2015: SIG Occupation meeting – Milano, April (attached to RIMS conference)

2014: SIG Occupation meeting - Brighton June (attached to RIMS conference)

2014: Barcelona (Spain)

  • Theme: Implementing Science into Practice

2013: SIG Occupation meeting – Copenhagen, October (attached to RIMS conference)

2013: Fraiture (Belgium)

  • Theme: Occupational performance and goal setting

2012: Milano (Italy)

  • Theme: Upper limb

2011: Melsbroek (Belgium)

  • Theme: Cognition

2009: SIG Occupation meeting – Genoa, April  (attached to RIMS conference)

2009: Masku (Finland)

  • Theme: Participation of people with MS by empowering communication

2008: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

  • Theme: ADL – functional approach in the OT

2007: Haslev (Denmark)

  • Theme: MS and employment

2006: Melsbroek (Belgium)

  • Theme: The advisory role of the OT in the Housing of PwMS

2005: Barcelona (Spain)

  • Theme: Cognitive training in daily life

2003: Lucignano (Italy) in-between workshop

  • Theme: Programmes for Newly Diagnosed PwMS

2002: Ankaran (Slovenia)

  • Theme: Fatigue assessment and management

2001: First in-between meeting (Tenerife)

  • Theme: Assessment of Upper Limb Function and Functional Possibilities of a PWMS in the OT

2000: meeting with the CCC Mobility in Berg (D)

  • Theme: Integration of the wheelchair in daily life

First meetings:  Brussel (1995), Basel (1999), Venice (2000)

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