List of meetings:

2017: Hakadal, Norway

  • Theme: OT Challenges in daily practice in PwMS

2017: SIG Occupation - meeting – Barcelona (attached to RIMS Conference)

2016: SIG Occupation  - meeting – London (attached to  RIMS Conference)

2016:  Overpelt (Belgium)

  • Theme: OT outcomes

2015: SIG Occupation meeting – Milano, April (attached to RIMS conference)

2014: SIG Occupation meeting - Brighton June (attached to RIMS conference)

2014: Barcelona (Spain)

  • Theme: Implementing Science into Practice

2013: SIG Occupation meeting – Copenhagen, October (attached to RIMS conference)

2013: Fraiture (Belgium)

  • Theme: Occupational performance and goal setting

2012: Milano (Italy)

  • Theme: Upper limb

2011: Melsbroek (Belgium)

  • Theme: Cognition

2009: SIG Occupation meeting – Genoa, April  (attached to RIMS conference)

2009: Masku (Finland)

  • Theme: Participation of people with MS by empowering communication

2008: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

  • Theme: ADL – functional approach in the OT

2007: Haslev (Denmark)

  • Theme: MS and employment

2006: Melsbroek (Belgium)

  • Theme: The advisory role of the OT in the Housing of PwMS

2005: Barcelona (Spain)

  • Theme: Cognitive training in daily life

2003: Lucignano (Italy) in-between workshop

  • Theme: Programmes for Newly Diagnosed PwMS

2002: Ankaran (Slovenia)        

  • Theme: Fatigue assessment and management

2001: First in-between meeting (Tenerife)

  • Theme: Assessment of Upper Limb Function and Functional Possibilities of a PWMS in the OT

2000: meeting with the CCC Mobility in Berg (D)

  • Theme: Integration of the wheelchair in daily life

First meetings:  Brussel (1995) Basel (1999) Venice (2000)




Joint SIG Mobility & Occupation meeting 2012, Milan (09/11 - 10/11 )

Dear SIG Occupation member,

The final program of the next SIG Occupation in-between meeting is available, and can be found in attachment together with the registration and abstract form. An overview of the meeting content and organization can be found HERE.

The theme of the 2-day meeting will be “The use of clinical approaches including advanced technology systems for maximizing the effect of rehabilitation on mobility and function”. Broadly, the meeting comprises three sessions: 1) a joint-session together with SIG Occupation focusing on upper limb function, 2) a one which will cover instrumented approaches in the evaluation and rehabilitation of gait and balance, and 3) free presentations providing clinicians and researchers an opportunity to share their latest findings and ideas concerning mobility and physical functioning in MS.

The meeting will take place at 9-10th November 2012. It will be organized by the Don Gnocchi Foundation in Milan, Italy with Johanna Jonsdottir and Davide Cattaneo serving as hosts.

Members of RIMS can freely attend the meeting. Accomodation for at least one night will be free, and one lunch as well as dinner will be offered by the local organisers.

So why wouldn’t you travel to Italy in November, and join us in this innovative, thought-provoking, and interactive meeting?!

With kind regards

Anders Romberg & Paul Van Asch, Chairmen of the SIG on Mobility group
Johanna Jonsdottir & Davide Cattaneo, local organisers

More details can be found on the conferences page [Conference page details link].


Joint in-between SIG meeting Melsbroek (November 18-19th 2011)

Dear colleague,

As earlier announced, we have planned an in-between meeting in November, 18-19, 2011 focusing on the multidisciplinary approach for assessment and management of cognitive disorders in people with MS.

The aims of this meeting are:

    1. to compose a list of cognitive 'red flags', that is, of demographic, disease related, clinical and imagery variables that, according to scientific research, significantly relate to MS-related cognitive deficits.
    2. to list cognition-related observations that typically can be made in each discipline. What are the observations of a therapist while doing his clinical work and how can these observations be related to MS-related cognitive deficits?
    3. to determine what should be the content of an optimal neuropsychological report. To which questions should a neuropsychological report provide answers? What kind of cognitive information do you need for your clinical work with patients?
    The meeting will be a joint meeting of SIG Communication & Swallowing, SIG Integration & Participation,SIG Occupation and SIG Psychology & Neuropsychology, and takes place in Melsbroek (Belgium).

The meeting will be organized in one day joint-meeting on the theme and one day separate SIG meetings (with possibility for all involved SIG's to continue their long-term work). See attached file for the complete programme. All SIG members will be asked to prepare the meeting, so we can have an interactive forum during the meeting (communication on this will follow within the next weeks).

Preliminary programme joint meeting Melsbroek

Registration form joint meeting

For the separate SIG Occupation meeting, please find the document enclosed with proposed and requested ideas.

Proposal seperate SIG occupation

As usual, we will cover the meeting attendance, accommodation, lunches and social events costs for RIMS members.

Travel costs are at your expenses.

For non RIMS members, we only cover the lunches and the meeting attendance.

Would you like to participate in joining this meeting? Please complete the registration form attached before October 15 2011 via email or fax.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
The Melsbroek Team




TRIPLE SIG Meeting (November 19-21th 2009)

Please find enclosed the report of the 3-joint SIG meeting in Masku, which took place on November 20-21 2009. The document includes the programme and the list of participants.


SIG Occupation - Genoa