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SIG Occupation is a network of occupational therapists with an interest in multiple sclerosis. We welcome OT colleagues who are clinicians, researchers and educators. We would also like to invite other professionals to join, who are interested into or support our role in PwMS.

This network was launched by the first meeting in 1995 with Marijke Duportail as the first Chair, and with support of RIMS. It was then known under the name of "Technical Aids". The network has grown since and served as a platform for participants to exchange their clinical and research expertise. Initially, the meetings were scheduled once per year and organized with RIMS and one of the RIMS member organisation.

We now have two meetings per year:

  • a short, 3-hours meeting, attached to the Annual RIMS conference
  • an annual in-between meeting that takes two days and is organized with partial financial support from RIMS. The in-between meeting takes place in the member organisation that is willing to host it and is organized around a specific theme. It also includes future plans. Sometimes, in-between meetings are organized in collaboration with the other SIG's. Topics discussed with other SIG's in the past were "wheelchairs in daily life", "cognition", "employment" and "upper limb issues in PwMS".

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