Date: 03/10/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Cognitive-motor interaction & dual task training effects. Summary of the RIMS multi-center studies."
Speaker: Peter Feys - Physiotherapist, Professor - BE

Presentation 2
Topic: "Sustained attention changes during prolonged walking, and patient perception."
Speaker: Zuhal Abasiyanik - Physiotherapist - TR/BE

Presentation 3
Topic: "New instruments for measuring cognitive-motor interference: the fNIRS experience."
Speaker: Ludovico Pedulla - Physiotherapist/Bio-engineer, PhD - IT

Date: 14/09/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Pitfalls in the interpretation of endurance exercise interventions in people with MS"
Speaker: Marit Slaghhech - Excercise Physiologist, PhD Student - DE

Presentation 2
Topic: "Endurance exercise as kynurenine pathway modulator - Implications for people with MS"
Speaker: Philipp Zimmer - Excercise Physiologist, Professor - DE

Date: 11/07/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Patient Autonomy to facilitate rehabilitation over the life span in people with MS"
Speaker: Andrea Giordano - Physologist, PhD - IT

Presentation 2
Topic: "Web-based lifestyle management over the life span in people with MS"
Speaker: Nicole Krauss - Health Scientist, PhD Student - DE

Date: 02/05/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Evaluation of bladder, bowel & sexual disorders"
Speaker: Sara Rinaldi - Physiotherapist - Italian MS Sociaty, IT

Presentation 2
Topic: "Lower urinary tract dysfunction in pmMS: a post-void-residual analysis of 504 cases"
Speaker: Roberta Motta - Registered Nurse - Italian MS Sociaty, IT

Date: 23/03/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Cognitive screening in rehabilitation in MS"
Speaker: Roshan das Nair - Professor - University of Nottingham, UK

Presentation 2

Topic: "Cognitive phenotypes in MS"
Speaker: Jessica Podda - Researcher - Italian MS Foundation, IT

Date webinar: 07/02/2022

Presentation 1
Topic: “Muscle strength across the lifespan in pwMS”
Speaker: Lars Hvid - Associate Professor (Exercise Physiologist), MSc, PhD - Aarhus University, DK

Presentation 2
Topic: “Aging and MS – a bad cocktail for neuromuscular activation”
Speaker: Tobias Gaemelke - MSc, PhD student - Aarhus University, DK