Annual Conference at reduced registration fee

Individual members as well as a maximum of six professionals from a member centre are able to get a RIMS Annual Conference registration fee at a special reduced member price.

Join a Special Interest Group and benefit from a free hotel night at in-between meetings

A number of Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) have been established. The groups meet at least once a year during RIMS annual conference.

The SIG’s also organise professional annual in-between meetings, which are supported financially by RIMS. For SIG in-between meetings, the member centres’ professionals are offered one free hotel night and free meals for such occasions.

Make use of the RIMS Grant 

RIMS offer a Grant Program to support multi-centre studies, a shared best practice network or a SIG project. RIMS supports one grant annually.

Take advantage of the Fellowship Exchange Programme (€1000)

RIMS offers a Fellowship Exchange Programme to young European professionals, preferably non-doctors, to facilitate their training in MS reha­bilitation at RIMS member centres.

Get access to Members only E-Educational Material at the RIMS website

Some of the SIG’s have published papers or pamphlets on important MS issues. These are distributed among RIMS members. E-Education material (pod­casts, webcasts from conference presentations and outcome measures) are available on the RIMS website and provide useful information for your research or clinical practice.

Have your say in the strategy of RIMS

At RIMS Annual General Assembly all member centres have six votes and individual and society members have one vote.