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Joint in-between meeting SIG Mobilty & SIG Education 7th & 8th June 2013

From 07/06/2013 until 08/06/2013
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Dear Colleague, dear member of RIMS SIG on Mobility/Education,

An increasing body of knowledge supports the use of physical activity and exercise therapy as viable means to improve functioning and quality of life as well as reduce symptomology in persons with MS. However, a number of questions related to physical activity/exercise in MS remain practically unexplored as yet. E.g. the effects of long term physical activity and exercise programmes as well as systematic approaches to increase exercise adherence and participation in persons with the disease have so far scarcely received attention. Such topics will be addressed to - comprehensively - in the next SIG on Mobility in-between meeting organised in collaboration with the SIG Education group.

The meeting is entitled "Physical activity in MS: Facilitating sustained changes in mobility and exercise participation".
The program consists of invited talks from European specialists, practical sessions and free paper sessions. For the free paper sessions we hope to receive a good number of abstracts from all of you.

The meeting will be held on the 7th and 8th June 2013 in Limerick Ireland, and'll be hosted by Susan Coote and her team from Limerick University.

Please find now attached a preliminary program for the meeting. We sincerely hope it meets your expectations and we're looking forward to see as many as possible of you in this thought-provoking gathering with European MS exercise and mobility professionals.

In addition, please find attached files including call for abstracts and an abstract submission form. Note that we urge you to send your abstract pretty soon, preferably not later than on the 31st March (apologies for the tight schedule).

Finally, we take the advantege to remind you that unless you have not yet registered via the RIMS website to receive the SIG on Mobility newsletter, now it's about time! You'll find more information: http://www.eurims.org/special-interest-groups-sigs

May you all have a sunny easter with lots of egs & bunnies.

See you in Ireland in June!

Anders Romberg, Chair RIMS SIG on Mobility
Paul van Asch, Co-chair RIMS SIG on Mobility

PS. Inform also your friends and colleagues about the meeting.