Preceptorship on rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis

From 19/09/2013 until 21/09/2013
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Aim of the course

Rehabilitation is an important component of multiple sclerosis (MS) management. Even though the therapeutic armamentarium is continually growing, MS still represents one of the most disabling neurological disorders and it demands a multidisciplinary approach. In this context, rehabilitation plays a fundamental role in ameliorating patients quality of life by improving their independence in daily life and limiting disability during the entire course of the disease. The Preceptorship in rehabilitation will take advantage of the experience and facilities of the worldwide reference center in rehabilitation, led by Prof. Kesselring in Valens, Switzerland, to improve participants' knowledge of rehabilitation programs for MS patients.

Learning objectives

By attending this live educational course the learners will be able to:

  • List the main conditions that require a specific rehabilitative programme
  • Measure patients disabilities and identify their needs in the daily practice
  • Plan the most appropriate rehabilitative approach tailored on patients needs
  • Estimate improvements at the end of the rehabilitative programme and define long-term monitoring applying ad hoc disability scales

We are pleased to inform you that RIMS members are receiving a discounted registration fee of 300 euro.

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