SIG Communication & swallowing meeting, 25th - 27th november 2015, Brasschaat (BE)

From 25/11/2015 until 27/11/2015

Dear speech and language therapists,

In late November we are organizing a two-day meeting about multiple sclerosis for speech therapists from Europe. This meeting is supported by RIMS (Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis; http://www.eurims.org/) and takes place each year at a different location.

The participants are mostly speech therapists who are working with persons with MS, and whose center is a member of RIMS. Currently, we are a small group but we would be delighted to attract more SLT’s. In our group we exchange experiences on diagnosis and treatment, we participate in MS research, we develop and elaborate different projects for MS ,... It's always an exciting experience that gives opportunities to network and exchange knowledge.

Attached you will find the registration form and the program.

We’re looking forward to welcome you!

If you have more questions about this meeting or the Special Interest Group on Communication and Swallowing, you can send an email to margaux.de.groote@klina.be or francesca.debiagi@ospedalesancamillo.net.

Best regards
Margaux De Groote (Chair), Francesca De Biagi (Co-chair) SIG Communication and Swallowing